About Us

We always need to think about creative charitable actions to help or reach out to those who are actually in need. So we, MGSF, plan to fulfill this need. We request your generous heart for our children, our elders, our people in need, and our country. We ask for your kindness to build a prosperous Myanmar with justice, equality, and liberty. 

Especially now, there are many war crimes victims, children without their parents, thousands of innocent civilians who fled their homes that were burnt down by airstrikes. These internally displaced people are starving and living in fear. They have to survive in the forest without basic human needs such as clothing, shoes, food and shelter.  They are running out of supplies and the number of internally displaced people are increasing day by day.  We need to help and support them urgently, and humanitarian aids are in great demand from international communities.

It aches our hearts that the displaced youths are digging holes to hide, using guns to fight back the military dictatorship instead of obtaining education to advance their future.  The middle ages are running away from airstrikes instead of raising a family in a safe environment. The olds are dying of treatable medical conditions instead of getting proper medical care. These people are not sure if  they will survive tomorrow and are facing an uncertain future.  However, they are still looking for hope.

We can make this hope closer to reality with your help. Our mission is to do fundraising activities to help assist these people in need.  All collected funds will be dedicated 100% to help the displaced people and villagers.  For this to happen, any help from you is greatly appreciated.